Our Goals

We endeavour, through public activism, to:

  • Promote in-depth, fact-based education about religions of the world.
  • Eradicate religious indoctrination through public schools.
  • Identify and expose religious counterknowledge and magical thinking.
  • Shield children from the psychological dangers of religious damnation.
  • Promote a democratic, secular and human rights based South African society.
  • Eradicate religious elitism.

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"[Schools] have a responsibility to teach about religion and religions in ways that reflect a profound appreciation of the spiritual, non-material aspects of life, but which are different from the religious education, religious instruction, or religious nurture provided by the home, family, and religious community."

- Kader Asmal, 2003

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not allow the majority to determine a school’s ethos?

Because the Constitution and Schools Act of 1996 demands otherwise.

There are so many things wrong in the world, why waste effort on this?

There are many ills, yes. I’ve picked this one – which one are you addressing?

We live in a Christian country, why can’t we have Christian public schools?

Christian National Education was scrapped in 1996. Our Constitution demands that schools embrace diversity, remain non-judgemental towards all religions and non-beliefs alike, and redress the skewed preferences of the past.

If you don’t like Christian public schools, move your child to another school.

The Constitution demands that all public schools be neutral towards religions and non-religions, so they may not privilege any religion. You may however emigrate.

Aren’t school governing bodies supposed to determine the ethos and values of each school?

Yes, but within the limits set by the Constitution, Schools Act and the National Policy on Religion in Education, which the principal is tasked to enforce.